1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions?

Here is a presentation of all the different ways possible which my media product uses, develops or challenges forms and conventions of a Drama film:

2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?

Below is a Prezi I made in order to show how effective the combination of my trailers main product and ancilliary texts is. Just click on the image of my prezi diagram or open the link below the prezi to see it:

2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?


3) What have you learnt from your audience feedback for your film, poster and film magazine?

Questionnaire for target audiences

First of all, here is a copy of our questionnaire that we presented to our specific target audiences:

Here is a prezi to show the feedback we got from our questionnaire for target audiences, with graphs in order to display a clearer view of what most of our audiences agreed on:

Here is a video of a class discussion on our Psychiatrist and I film treatment and the feedback we got from them:

Overall the feedback was very helpful and gave us all a new insight to what improvements needed to be made to our treatment in order for it to be better, more professional, and develop as many as the codes and conventions of a Drama as possible.

Here is some other feedback videos we got:

I think this feedback was very encouraging not just for me but for the whole group. She seemed to like the treatment storyline a lot and the fact it is emotional that she’d even “probably cry”!
This feedback was also very encouraging because she liked in particular the narrative being set around modern-day children’s lifestyles which goes with our target audience in our planning. Also, because she is in that age range, she believes it would be a good film to make which is the response we were hoping for!
Nice feedback on the plot and the ‘shocking’ way the lover psychiatrist has an affair. This is definitely one aspect of our treatment that I knew to keep in especially after this feedback.
We also created this storyboard draft for our treatment after getting the feedback for our treatment, here is the link which shows it below:
We got other responses on our film trailer over the internet as well, after uploading our trailer to websites such as Youtube. Here is one of the comments we got:
Here is my audio response to this comment:

4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? How did you interlink any technologies during construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

For my construction and research, planning and evaluation stages I used media technologies a very large amount. From all sorts of websites such as WordPress, Prezi, Youtube, Facebook, to softwares such as Photoshop and iMovie. There are also the different camera devices we used to record feedback or discussions or even technology for communicating such as mobiles which can take pictures and videos also.

Here is a Youtube video of me discussing the different ways I used media technologies:

Here is an example of how we used a Flipcam in order to record our group discussions on the Location for our Drama film trailer, shown below:

Here are two examples of how I use the Photoshop software for creating packages:

Magazine cover:


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Initial Research

Here is a video of myself doing a presentation on three seperate action movies:


The link shown above is a trailer to one of the new thriller films coming out in 2012 called Woman in Black. Below, I have created an audio clip explaining how genre conventions are used in this films teaser trailer.

FEEDBACK on ‘what makes a good trailer’ ?

Feedback from their feedback…

Below is a video of what I believe makes a good trailer, and what I think its purpose is:

Analysing the film poster of ‘300’ :

Analysing the ‘FILM’ magazine for BOND:

The Dark Knight – Magazine cover analysis

My analysations of the Dark Knight poster:

Here is a video clip to me analysing the film trailer to Dark Knight:


I analysed the trailer to ‘Dark Knight’ on a program called Evernote, here is the link:


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